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Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW)

The Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW) is Australia's national tourism database and distribution platform.

The ATDW's function is to help extend your exposure and attract more business online. ATDW listings provide an online presence at national, state, regional and destination levels through the key online tourism marketing platforms of and more.

Businesses and events looking to maximise their exposure through the marketing activities and programs of Visit Victoria and Regional Tourism Boards should ensure they have an up to date ATDW listing with engaging images and copy.

Over 8,000 Victorian tourism and event operators have already listed on the ATDW to extend their online reach. Join them by creating your listing today.

Free ATDW listings until 30 June 2022

Visit Victoria, in partnership with Regional Tourism Boards and the State Government, is pleased to provide free Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW) listings until 30 June 2022 to aid COVID-19 recovery efforts.

Effective June 2021, both the renewal of an existing listing and the creation of a new listing will require an ATDW coupon code. A coupon code provides 12 months free listing on the ATDW from the date the code is redeemed.

Coupon codes are dispensed by Regional Tourism Boards (or Visit Victoria's ATDW team for businesses operating in Melbourne). Follow the links below for contact details and more information:

Free ATDW training

Register for a free, online training session hosted by Visit Victoria to learn how to create, update and optimise your ATDW listing.

Find out more
Writing A Description

How does the ATDW work?

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Where do ATDW listings appear?

  • Behind The Vines - Wine Victoria (Winery listings only)
  • Numerous other tourism, travel and event-related websites. *ATDW distribution partner websites may choose to publish only specific listings in a category or location and this may vary due to their business model (e.g. membership-based).

What are the benefits?

  • A presence for your business or event on the official tourism website for Melbourne and Victoria, (reaches an engaged audience of over 7 million annual visitors).
  • Opportunities for further exposure through Visit Victoria's data-driven marketing campaigns and programs.
  • Drive traffic to and boost Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of your own website.
  • Manage just one listing that could appear on numerous tourism websites including and the official website for your tourism region.
  • Update at any time on the easy to use ATDW-Online platform and have your changes automatically published across the network.
  • Listings are quality assured by Visit Victoria to meet National Content Standards.
  • Technical support and training from Visit Victoria’s dedicated ATDW team.
  • Subscription to Visit Victoria's ATDW Newsletter containing tips to help you optimise your listing.

Eligibility criteria

To list on the ATDW, your business or event must meet the following criteria:

  • Operate within Australia
  • Provide a tourism or leisure experience
  • Have a physical presence in Victoria where visitors can access your product or service
  • Align with of the following listing categories: Accommodation; Attraction; Food and Drink; Event; Hire; Tour; Transport and General Service
  • Tour operators and Accommodation providers must provide a current ABN upon registration

For more information on eligibility and listing categories click here.

User guides

View or download a PDF guide with step-by-step advice for registering and creating an ATDW listing.

More information

Contact Visit Victoria's dedicated ATDW Support Team:

P:    1300 306 366 (during business hours)

E:    [email protected]