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Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW)

The Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW) is a database for Australia’s tourism operators to use to easily promote their products or events across numerous digital platforms.

Supported by Visit Victoria and all other State and Territory Tourism Organisations, the ATDW collects, stores and distributes tourism product listings to National, State and local consumer websites including the official website for Melbourne and Victoria,

Over 5,500 Victorian tourism and event operators are already including the ATDW in their marketing activity to attract more business online. Join them by creating your listing today.

Video - an introduction to ATDW

Key benefits

  • A comprehensive product listing on the official website for Melbourne and Victoria, (reaches an engaged audience of over 9 million annual visitors).
  • Your content is placed in the hands of the consumer through the mobile-friendly website.
  • Opportunities for further exposure through Visit Victoria's data-driven advertising, email marketing and website personalisation.
  • The ease of managing one listing that could appear on numerous tourism websites including Tourism Australia's and your official regional website.
  • Drive traffic to and boost Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of your own website.
  • Listings are quality assured by Visit Victoria to meet National Content Standards.
  • Update your listing at any time on the easy to use ATDW-Online platform and have your updates automatically published across all channels.
  • Cost-effective marketing tool (under $1 a day) with discounted listing fees for accredited businesses and businesses aligned with their Regional Tourism Organisation (RTO).
  • Technical support, advice and training from Visit Victoria’s dedicated ATDW team.
  • Subscription to Visit Victoria’s ATDW newsletter and other resources.


ATDW listing fees are less than $1 a day and are re-invested in marketing your region.

Listing options:

Event listing

NFP / local government

Accredited business

(ATAP or Ecotourism accredited)

Standard business

Listing duration:Duration of your event12 months12 months12 months

Cost (AUD incl. GST):



$10 per month ($120 billed annually)

$25 per month ($295 billed annually)

How does the ATDW work?

Atdw Resized

ATDW Success Stories

Hear from Victorian tourism operators about how the ATDW has helped them to attract more business online.

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The Borough Department Store

Am I eligible to list on the ATDW?

To list on the ATDW, your business or event must operate in Australia, provide a direct experience to the leisure tourist and meet the criteria of one of the following product categories:

Accommodation; Attraction; Food and Drink; Event; Hire; Tour; Transport and General Service. To aid in selecting the most approptiate category for your product, see ATDW's listing guidelines.

More information

Contact Visit Victoria's dedicated ATDW Support Team:

P:    1300 306 366 (during business hours)

E:    [email protected]

Request a call-back - let us answer your questions at a time that suits you.