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Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW)

The Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW) is an essential digital marketing tool for tourism and event operators in Australia.

The ATDW collects, stores and distributes tourism and event product information to National, State and local consumer websites, including the official tourism website for Victoria,

There are over 40,000 national product listings including 5,000 from Victoria who utilise ATDW as a valuable marketing tool to extend marketing reach. 

An Introduction to ATDW


Increased Reach Across Key Websites

  • A comprehensive business and/or event listing on Visit Victoria’s official consumer website,
  • Domestic and international audience reach on to an engaged audience of over 9 million annual visitors.
  • Your content is placed in the hands of the consumer through our mobile friendly website. 
  • Exposure via a business listing on Australia's official tourism website,
  • Additional exposure across multiple digital channels, including local, regional and national destination websites, local government bodies and commercial organisations such as online travel agents (OTAs). 
  • Increased search visibility for businesses through search optimisation.
  • Discounted listing fees for accredited businesses and businesses aligned with their Regional Tourism Organisation (RTO).

Opportunities Via Visit Victoria’s Consumer Marketing & Data Driven Technology

  • Opportunities for participation in Visit Victoria’s international and domestic brand campaigns and partnership marketing campaigns.
  • Exposure through Visit Victoria’s data driven advertising, email marketing and website personalisation.
  • Facilitate online booking conversion through traffic referrals from

Enhancing Digital Marketing Capability  

  • Access to training, education programs and seminars.
  • Comprehensive guidance from Visit Victoria's ATDW Support Team. 
  • Detailed reporting and metrics to monitor your listing’s performance across channels.
  • Digital health check to provide feedback on opportunities to improve your digital marketing presence.

Supporting Regional Tourism Board Marketing 

  • ATDW listing fees are re-invested to your region to support local marketing activities to increase visitation.


Listing options


Not-for-profit organisation

Accredited business (Holds ATAP or Ecotourism accreditation)

Standard business

Cost (AUD incl. GST)



$10 per month ($120 billed annually) 

$25 per month ($295 billed annually) 

ATDW Listing Process

Atdw Resized

ATDW Resources

Contact us

Visit Victoria's dedicated ATDW Support Team is available by phone and email to assist you.

P:    1300 306 366 (during business hours)

E:    [email protected]

Request a call-back - Let us answer your questions at a time that suits you.