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New Adventures Await

At Visit Victoria we offer inspiring experiences in a performance driven workplace that enables professional growth, informed meaningful contribution and celebrates success.

We operate in an agile and collaborative environment that encourages cross-department discussion and connects regularly with industry and government stakeholders to amplify Victoria's brand. We are a marketing and events led organisation that exploits digital research insights in a fast moving and technologically driven industry to provide individualised visitor experiences.

Why Work At Visit Victoria

At Visit Victoria we are committed to providing an employment experience that:

  • Embraces diversity in every sense;
  • Honours flexible working practices;
  • Keeps its people safe;
  • Provides support and opportunities for growth and development;
  • Offers internal coaching and mentoring from some of the world-best marketers and project managers;
  • Ensures everyone has purpose with individual workplans;
  • Recognises and rewards achievements;
  • Offers open contemporary working facilities;
  • Adhere to our values.

Our Values

Our values are embedded in our culture and communication.

Values Larger

Our Story So Far

Current Vacancies