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Regional Events Fund

Regional Events Fund

The Regional Events Fund supports events that bring thousands of visitors to regional Victoria, delivering economic impact, creating jobs, and supporting local business.

The Fund backs festivals, culinary, sporting and cultural events that showcase the vibrancy of Victoria’s regions.

Regional events highlight the incredible tourism offerings available throughout the state and bolster Victoria’s reputations as a world-class events destination.

Private companies, councils, Regional Tourism Boards/Visitor Economy Partnerships and not-for-profit organisations are invited to submit applications for events that meet the eligibility criteria and program objectives detailed in the Regional Events Fund Guidelines.

Support is available across three streams.

Stream 1 – Regional Event Acquisition 

One off or ongoing major events.   

Stream 2 – Event Growth and Development 

Funding of up to $500,000 to grow the economic impact of medium to large-scale events.

Stream 3 – Event Industry Support 

Funding of up to $50,000 to build capability and support the marketing and operations of events that attract intrastate or interstate visitors.

To apply for Stream 1

Discuss your proposed event with Visit Victoria or your Regional Tourism Board or Visitor Economy Partnership. After this, you will be invited to submit a proposal if your event meets the Stream 1 criteria.

To apply for Stream 2 and 3

  1. Read the Regional Events Fund Guidelines to ensure your event meets the funding criteria.
  2. Discuss the event with your Regional Tourism Board or Visitor Economy Partnership. Their letter of support is required for applications to be considered.
  3. Make your application online at the 'SmartyGrants' portal.
    Stream 2 application link
    Stream 3 application link

Please submit your application as early as possible.

Stream 2 application rounds


Applications open

Applications close

Funding decision

1 - Apply here

25 May 2024

30 June 2024



1 August 2024

27 September 2024


3 February 2025

28 March 2025



1 May 2025

30 June 2025



1 August 2025

26 September 2025



2 February 2026

27 March 2026May
71 May 202630 June 2026August
83 August 202630 September 2026November


1 February 202730 March 2027May

*Dates and timings are subject to change at the discretion of Visit Victoria
*Funding rounds will not open if funding is fully committed

Stream 3 application rounds

Stream 3 funding is opened monthly each year, with the exclusion of December and January, through to June 30, 2027.

To start an application, click here.

Applications will be batched in the month received and assessed to align with a Stream 2 funding announcement window.

Applications will not be considered if the event is scheduled to start before the expected funding decision window.

Sample of Stream 3 timing

  • Application received June 
  • Funding announced August 
  • Event cannot start before November
Regional Tourism Board(RTB)/Visitor Economy Partnership(VEP) Contact Details

Your local Regional Tourism Board or Visitor Economy Partnership is your first point of contact. Discuss your event with them at the earliest opportunity. They will work with you to determine the strength of your proposal and advise on the suitable funding stream.

You need a letter of support from the board for your application to be assessed.

Regional Tourism Board / Visitor Economy Partnership


Bendigo Regional Tourism+61 407 426 735

Daylesford and Macedon

+61 419 574 813

Geelong and the Bellarine

+61 (03) 5244 7100

Gippsland +61 (03) 5668 2141

Goulburn Regional Tourism

[email protected]


+61 (03) 5356 4865

Great Ocean Road

+61  448 385 176

High Country

+61 (03) 5728 2773

Mornington Peninsula +61 (03) 5925 9346 
Phillip Island +61 466 620 856

The Murray

+61 (03) 5480 7110

Tourism Midwest Victoria
+61 437 352 028
Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges +61 (03) 8739 8000

Regional Event Fund Guidelines

The Regional Events Fund Guidelines outline the fund objectives, eligibility, application and assessment process.