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Helping You Grow

Working with Visit Victoria Industry Guide

The Working with Visit Victoria Industry Guide is designed to help Victorian tourism operators understand the best ways to engage with our teams and learn about the opportunities and benefits of working with us. It outlines Visit Victoria’s role, key industry stakeholders, and opportunities across marketing and PR, industry development, major events, and business events. It also includes tools and tips to support your business and contact details. 

Working with Visit Victoria Industry Guide
Industry Guide

International Mentoring Program

The International Mentoring Program (IMP) is designed to increase the number of export-ready products in Victoria, by giving selected tourism operators the tools and knowledge to develop their business through the traditional international distribution system to key partners, online travel agents (OTA’s) media, social, content and e-marketing channels. Discover more about the program by sending us a general enquiry via our contact page.

Program Enquiry
International Mentoring Program 2019

Tourism Excellence Guides

Visit Victoria offers several guides free of charge, designed to help you get the best from your workforce, deliver the best possible visitor experience and maintain a sustainable industry together. Our capacity to compete now and in the future, relies on our joint ability to deliver quality tourism experiences and to develop a reputation for excellence. By exceeding the expectations of visitors, the industry will create visitor advocacy and repeat visitation.

Tourism Excellence Guides Resources

Business Excellence

Tourism is big business in Victoria employing over 208,300 people and providing $26 billion in value to the visitor economy. It's also a fiercely competitive marketplace. We not only compete with other businesses, towns, region and states, but with all the other demands for the consumers' discretionary dollar. Now more than ever it's important to upskill and stay up-to-date with consumer trends.

Business Excellence Guide
Business Excellence

Understanding Visitor Needs

This guide, helps you to identify and develop quality visitor experiences that meet, and ultimately exceed, consumer expectations. It reinforces the importance of research, product differentiation and quality customer service.

To ensure a return on marketing investment, requires timely and relevant information being seen at key touch-points of the visitor journey. Marketing is often a major expense for small to medium businesses but use of market research can help reduce costs by targeting segments that produce the best results.   

Understanding Visitor Needs Guide
Understanding Visitor Needs Image

Marketing Excellence

Effective marketing is at the heart of every successful business. In a very competitive environment, even well established and respected brands need to keep themselves in front of consumers. Best practice marketing is must broader than advertising promotions, it begins with product research, consumer insights, development and positioning - gaining crucial point of different to make you stand out from the crowd. 

Marketing Excellence Guide
Marketing Excellence

People Excellence

One of the best things about the tourism industry is the people you'll meet when you're part of it. The people in your business are critically important. Their skills and attitude can make a huge difference to your visitors' experience and provide the essential point of difference between your and other businesses. There is a lot you can do to attract, train and keep the best staff for your business. Our People Excellence Guide offers tools and tips for recruiting the right people, providing training and professional development opportunities, retaining staff and letting staff go.

People Excellence Guide
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