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Tips to optimise your ATDW listing

A well-crafted ATDW listing, with a professional, well written description, great photos and video, can allow you to stand out from the crowd and attract many more customers for your business.

Advice to help you optimise your ATDW listing

Name, address, phone number

Always use the same name, address and phone number for your business or event across all marketing material – your website, ATDW listing, booking system and social media channels – this helps to improve your ranking in search engine results.

Writing a captivating product description

Your description should engage the consumer, captivate them and make them want to experience your product and ultimately book. 

Read our advice on writing a great description.

Taking and selecting images for your listing

High quality images are essential to grabbing the attention of consumers. Read our top image taking tips and advice for enhancing your ATDW listing with images.

Read more

Add value with a compelling deal or package

Deals uploaded through ATDW give you added exposure on Your deal could be a package, bonus gift, collaboration with another business.

Find out how to add a deal or package to your listing here.

Social media channels

  • Only include social media channels that you are active on and update regularly.
  • Include business channels, not your personal ones.
  • When posting content use #visitvictoria and #visitmelbourne (plus your region's hashtags) and encourage your customers to do the same.

Contact details 

  • Add your most direct online booking link - the less clicks a consumer has to make to book your product the better.
  • Add a direct link to your online store if you sell products or souvenirs on your website.

Five tips to get your listing approved faster

Visit Victoria's ATDW team continually reviews and publishes updates to ATDW listings. To ensure your listing updates are approved as quickly as possible, here are some tips you can follow:

  1. Write in third person - when writing about your business or event, always refer to it using the third or person or its name.
  2. No text on images - images with text or logos are often cropped or displayed incorrectly on some distributor websites.
  3. Leave links, contact details and pricing out of the description - there are fields elsewhere in your listing for this.
  4. Write in short sentences - keep sentences clear and conscise, with 1-2 points per paragraph.
  5. Use of capital letters - only use capital letters for for names, regions or specific places and room types such as The Murray, Daylesford and Queen Room. Avoid using capitals to emphasise a point, like "FREE shuttle bus".

Tips for using ATDW-Online

  • Don’t know your password? Click ‘Forgot password?’ at the ATDW-Online login page to arrange a new password instantly (at least 8 characters in length).
  • You can register additional users to help manage your listing via the ‘Account’ tab.
  • Your listing updates are saved as you go, but ensure you select send for review when you are finished so your updates can be reviewed and published. Updates will take 1-2 business days to be approved.
  • Listing multiple events with similar details? Save time by cloning an existing listing from your dashboard – select the ‘Clone’ option via ‘Add new listing’.
  • Add [email protected] to your address book to ensure you don’t miss important communications regarding your ATDW listing.

More information

ATDW information and resources >

Contact Visit Victoria's dedicated ATDW Support Team:

P:    1300 306 366 (during business hours)

E:    [email protected]

Request a call-back - let us answer your questions at a time that suits you.