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ATDW profiles for Melbourne tourism businesses

ATDW Profile fees apply from 1 July 2023

The Victorian Government has re-introduced fees for Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW) business listings from 1 July 2023. Events and not-for-profit businesses will remain free to list. More fee information here.

Payment for your ATDW profile renewal can be made directly via the ATDW payment gateway within 30 days from the expiry date. Existing businesses can login to ATDW to check their expiry date, as it has been automatically extended to a date within August to November 2023. 

If your business operates in regional Victoria, please visit this page.

Creating a profile:

  1. Confirm that your business meets ATDW eligibility criteria. If you're unsure of your eligibility, contact us.
  2. Prepare a description of your business. Aim for 2-3 short paragraphs at a maximum of 200 words. You'll also need a selection of five to 10 high-quality landscape images to showcase your business.
  3. Go to to register an account 
  4. Create your profile. You can find some instructions to guide you here.
  5. Payment can be made directly via the ATDW payment gateway.

Renewing a profile:

All ATDW profiles require renewal every 12 months. Profiles can only be renewed within 30 days of their expiry date or any time after they have expired. Your profile's expiry date can be found on your ATDW-Online dashboard.

  1. Log in to your ATDW-Online account, locate your profile and click on RENEW
  2. Review and update your profile details
  3. Click on RENEW
  4. Proceed to the payment page and enter payment. Click on PLACE ORDER
  5. Your profile will be processed and republished within 1-2 business days

Not sure if you already have an ATDW profile?

Contact Visit Victoria's ATDW Team on 1300 306 366 or email [email protected]

Free online training

Register for a free, online training session hosted by Visit Victoria to learn how to create, update and optimise your ATDW profile.

Register here
Writing A Description

Contact us:

E: [email protected]

P: 1300 306 366


How do I login to ATDW?
Go to and enter your username (email address) and password. If you don't know your password, go to and click on the 'Forgot password' link in the top right corner. Enter your username (email address) and an email will be sent to you with further instructions.
How do I reset my password to log in to ATDW-Online?
Go to and click on the 'Forgot password' link in the top right corner. Enter your username (email address) and an email will be sent to you with further instructions.
What is the ATDW and how does it work?
The ATDW is a digital content distribution platform for the Australian tourism industry. It provides Australian tourism businesses and events with increased online exposure through a single, self-managed profile that appears on many tourism platforms including, and many tourism marketing websites.
Do I need to pay to list an event on ATDW?
No. Listings for events, NFP or government-owned attractions do not require payment to be published. The payment pop-up box will not appear.
What is the eligibility criteria for having an ATDW listing?
Your business or event must have a physical presence in Australia, provide a direct experience to the leisure tourist and fit in to one of the following listing categories: Accommodation; Attraction; Food and Drink; Event; Hire; Tour; Transport and General Service. Tour operators and Accommodation providers must provide a current ABN upon registering an ATDW account.
I'm not sure if I have registered with ATDW in the past. How can I find out?
Please contact Visit Victoria's ATDW team for help on 1300 306 366 or at [email protected].
How to I find out when my listing is due to expire?
You can find your listing expiry date in the listing summary information on your ATDW-Online dashboard.
I am a Not for Profit business how do I list without paying?
If your organisation is not for profit, you are eligible for a free profile. The ATDW platform identifies NFPs via their ABN. To enable the free profile, you must enter your ABN in the field when registering your organisation. For further enquiries regarding NFP profiles, please email [email protected].
I am an Accredited business how do I access the reduced fee?
Iif your business is accredited by a designated organisation (see links within the organisation names in the table below), you may be eligible for a reduced ATDW profile fee of $120 per profile. This reduced rate will automatically appear in the pop-up payment box on the ATDW platform. If you are accredited, but the reduced fee doesn't appear, please send an email to [email protected] with supporting material regarding your accreditation.