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OVG Full Page - Fully Supplied Ad

When creating a full page Brand ad, consider the wealth of space you have to use, and that you may like to consider tailoring your brand ad to your target in-market visitors. They may be on a short or long visit to Melbourne and planning is key. Our visitors want to know what they can do, what they shouldn’t miss, and what’s on while they are here.

Many tickets sales to events, theatre, musicals and other performances are spontaneously purchased by in-market visitors. Feel free to be specific with what they can do at your attraction or experience, and if there are added experiences onsite, such as dining, bar or giftshops, this builds a cluster effect i.e. what else can I do while I am there – should I plan for two hours, a half day, a full day, can I have a meal while onsite?


Size:152 mm (wide) x 192 mm (high)
File Type:High resolution PDF
Bleed: 5 mm bleed
Crop Marks: No


  • Maximum of four businesses from the same entity can be promoted within this ad


When a proof is ready for review on the OVhub, an email notification will be sent with a hyperlink to access the OVhub. Clients are granted the opportunity to review their OVG print proof two times. 


  • Changes made beyond the second proof at the clients request will incur an additional fee of $60 per proof.
  • Screen representation for colour matching cannot be guaranteed and will depend solely upon the advertiser’s computer hardware.
  • Visit Victoria takes no responsibility for dissatisfaction due to colour difference between proof and final printed product.


  • See below for a helpful template to show the bleed, trim and safe text areas required
Ovg Autumn 2020 Page Specs Version 3

Read our General Tips for supplying OVG copy and images


Email the team at: [email protected]