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This placement is recommended for campaign and brand adverts. 


Note: Alternative designs are allowed but must be approved by Visit Victoria’s editorial and design team prior to a specified deadline by our representative.


152 mm (wide) x 192 mm (high)

File Type:

High resolution PDF


5 mm bleed

Crop Marks: 



Impactful, short and simple - max 3-4 words


If required, use subheadings to break down info - max two lines.

Body Copy:

Maintain proper white space ration - max 30 words.


Avoid upper-case text longer than a few words.

Avoid using white font on pale colours or vertical text which is hard to read.


We recommend solid backgrounds.


Use original photography that compliments the copy and is distinctive to your

Product. Use one of the following:

  • One hero image, or
  • One hero image + one of two smaller supporting images
  • Three images of equal size

Call to Action:

Include a call to action and/or unique and compelling offer

Contact Information:

Include contact information – not more than two lines

Print Ready Guidelines

  • All artwork to be submitted as a high res PDF
  • At least 5mm bleed
  • All colours to be CMYK, max colour saturation 280% TAC
  • Any text to be outlined / fonts embedded
  • For rich black we recommend C50, M10, Y10, K100. Use plain 100% black for text 


When a proof is ready for review on the OVhub, an email notification will be sent with a hyperlink to access the OVhub. Clients are granted the opportunity to review their OVG print proof two times. 


  • Only one business/campaign message is suitable for this ad. If you wish to include more, we recommend template or advertorial placements. 
  • Changes made beyond the second proof at the clients request will incur an additional fee of $60 per proof.
  • Screen representation for colour matching cannot be guaranteed and will depend solely upon the advertiser’s computer hardware.
  • Visit Victoria takes no responsibility for dissatisfaction due to colour difference between proof and final printed product.
  • All final artwork is at the discretion of Visit Victoria


  • See below for artwork examples and helpful template to show the bleed, trim and safe text areas required
Ovg 2021 Ad Page Specs 05 Full
Example of good fully designed artwork
Ovg 2021 Ad Page Specs 05 Full Bad
Example of bad fully supplied artwork
Ovg Autumn 2020 Page Specs 02
Design guide - see bleed, trim and safe text areas required

Read our General Tips for supplying OVG copy and images


Email the team at: [email protected]