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OVG Coupon Expression of Interest (EOI)

All four edition advertisers are eligible to submit an expression of interest (EOI) for a coupon. These coupons provide visitors to Melbourne value-add or discount opportunities to encourage greater dispersal and yield. 

Style: Double sided template only
Size:60.5mm (wide) x 22.5mm (high)
Logo:Maximum 1 logo (EPS or JPEG) 
QR code:No
Word Limit:Front – 35 English words
Back – 45 English words


Offer Heading:Short eye-catching offer to draw reader attention
Business Name: Business name only. Catch phrases/slogans cannot be included
Offer Details:Font cannot be bold, underlined, capitalized or change in size
Address:12 Example Street, Melbourne
Phone: 9585 4242


Offer Heading: Will be repeated from the front
Terms & Conditions:All relevant terms & conditions for the offer, including exclusions, validity date & the number of people the coupon is valid for


  • In submitting a coupon EOI, your business will not automatically be guaranteed a coupon. The coupons selected will be based on strength of offer, suitability to visitors and the season. Visit Victoria's decision is final.
  • Length of words can sometimes make word count vary
  • All coupons must be valid for the entire duration of the season
  • Visit Victoria reserves the right to edit any submissions and make corrections, omit material, or do minor reorganisation required to achieve the consistent look and feel as per the style guide.


Coupon Front:


Coupon Back:



When a proof is ready for review on the OVhub, an email notification will be sent with a hyperlink to access the OVhub. Clients are granted the opportunity to review their OVG print proof two times. 


  • Changes made beyond the second proof at the clients request will incur an additional fee of $60 per proof.
  • Screen representation for colour matching cannot be guaranteed and will depend solely upon the advertiser’s computer hardware.
  • Visit Victoria will take no responsibility for dissatisfaction due to colour difference between proof and final printed product.

Read our General Tips for supplying OVG copy and images


Email the team at: [email protected]