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Chinese Official Visitor Guide - General Tips


The below tips and examples are provided in order to help you get the most out of your advertising space and ensure that readers take notice of your advertisement.


  • Please don’t make assumptions that Melbourne visitors already know your products. Upon arrival they'll use the Chinese Official Visitor Guide for inspiration and as a platform to connect directly with Melbourne’s experiences. Don’t be afraid to celebrate your product, creating that engagement and inspiration. 
  • Visitors are looking for an authentic Melbourne experience (the ‘real’ Melbourne), along with informative and unique content so be sure to convey this wherever possible in relation to your product.• If a similar experience to your product offering is available in another destination, make sure to focus on your points of difference and to celebrate anything that is uniquely Melbourne. You may also take a different angle i.e. an interview with a performer or the onsite concierge to assist visitors in connecting to the people behind the product.
  • Ensure you check over spelling and grammar before you send your material through. You'd be surprised how often mistakes are submitted!


  • The image/s submitted should showcase your product visually and cannot contain text or contact information over the top of the image. Montages will also not be accepted.
  • Keep in mind that you want visitors to immediately understand what you offer, and a picture tells a thousand words. Where appropriate, you may consider including people enjoying your product or experience. To help you align with our brand approach to positioning Melbourne, take a look at the types of images used in previous editions of the guide (especially in the editorial sections).
  • If photographing your product, ensure that it is on a coloured background so it doesn't look like it's floating when placed into the ad.
  • If your file is over 60MB in size (especially relevant when supplying packaged InDesign files for the Chinese Official Visitor Guide) we recommend utilising a free file sharing website such as or