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Official Visitor Guide

Melbourne Official Visitor Products are important marketing tools for the State of Victoria, providing a comprehensive overview of things to see and do across Melbourne and Victoria. Over one million copies are produced by Visit Victoria per annum and endorsed by Melbourne Airport, City of Melbourne, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre and the Australian Hotels Association. The Guide presents Victorian tourism providers with cooperative marketing opportunities that directly target intrastate, interstate and emerging international audiences. 


                          MARKETING OPPORTUNITIES 


The Official Visitor Guide is the pre eminent source of information for visitors. It provides the most comprehensive overview of things to see and do across Melbourne and Victoria each season and is recognised as the most effective direct marketing tool for reaching high yield audiences. Melbourne and Victoria Official Visitor Guide is designed for time poor visitors and residents seeking ideas for
travel, leisure and entertainment and presents curated information through captivating narrative and practical recommendations.

Endorsed by State Government of Victoria, City of Melbourne, Melbourne Airport, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Victoria Tourism Industry Council and the Australian Hotels Association, the Melbourne Official Visitor guide is published quarterly in English and Chinese and is designed to enhance visitor experience.


  • INTRASTATE – Metro Melbourne, Regional Victoria
  • INTERSTATE – Metro Sydney, bordering towns of NSW, SA, ACT
  • INTERNATIONAL (NZ) & OTHERS - Primarily New Zealand and other emerging markets


  • 300,000 Copies Per Season


An omni-channel distribution approach targeting high yield audiences through precise targeting based on consumer behavior and spending habits. We currently distribute 250,000 copies each season across Intrastate and interstate locations and are continuously adjust our model to changing market needs. The two current primary distribution streams are; 

  • Residential Deliveries - Our current primary seasonal distribution stream with guides being sent directly to consumers homes. Audiences are selected via a database of banking transactions and supermarket brand preferences is utlised to identify consumers that consistently spend more on travel and lifestyle experiences beyond their primary residence area. 
  • Visitor Hubs - A comprehensive network of visitor hubs and high traffic locations are utilised to reach intended audiences and track consumer behavior. The network covers airports, transportation hubs, accommodation, hospitality, retail, attractions, tourism information centres and universities across Metro Melbourne, regional Victoria and interstate locations. 

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