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Register Now - VIC Tourism Conference by VTIC

Find out practical ways to help grow your business no matter how large or small. 

From the grassroots to the innovation of tomorrow, the VIC Tourism Conference is designed to support and transform the tourism industry on all levels. VTIC will bring together the best minds in tourism, events and beyond for two dynamic days of dialogue, adventure, connection and knowledge.

The state-wide conference covers all sectors across tourism and events in Victoria and will provide a range of networking opportunities. 

Industry are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity and engage with thought leaders and businesses from across our state.

Day 1: 'Your Business' 

  • Elevate your business potential
  • Map out sustainable growth strategies
  • Learn from relevant industry case studies Build relationships over dinner

Day 2: 'Our Business'

  • Gain takeaways from enriching workshops
  • Problem-solve with fresh, interactive activities
  • Unearth the latest trends Identify key disruptors and how they will affect our industry


Registration is now available (two day, one day and special student rates) 

Available now