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Visit Victoria UK and Europe Business Tour Jets Off

Some of the state’s best and brightest tourism operators have jetted off today on a whirlwind business tour to the UK and Continental Europe conducted by Visit Victoria. 

The 2018 tour will be trade focused, combining highly targeted frontline trade training and tour operator product manager liaison. Participants will visit strategic locations including London, Amsterdam, Stuttgart, Munich, Zurich and Bavaria. 

Victoria’s wide-ranging tourism offering is represented on this tour with participants from some of the state’s most famous attractions taking part. Representatives from companies like Bunyip Tours, Koorie Heritage Trust, Phillip Island Nature Parks and Go Beyond Melbourne will be present alongside 14 other participants from across the sector. 

Operators and travel agents who have taken part in similar programs have indicated that their knowledge of regions and experiences has grown over the course of the destination-based mission, and that they have had the chance to promote key international products, both old and new, while in market.   

Visit Victoria Chief Executive Officer Peter Bingeman said that by facilitating programs like the UK and Europe business tour, Visit Victoria is highlighting its commitment to grow the visitor economy across all segments of the industry.  

"Visit Victoria is proudly working alongside the tourism industry to grow the visitor economy and keep travellers flocking to the State in their millions," said Mr Bingeman. 

"An immersive experience like this will grow business intelligence of international and continue to grow global awareness of Victoria’s varied tourism offerings."
Peter Bingeman, Visit Victoria CEO

Koorie Heritage Trust participant Rob Hyatt said, “I am looking forward to the exciting opportunity to promote the Koorie Heritage Trust and Aboriginal tourism from across Victoria on the international stage. It is important to highlight the wonderful Aboriginal experiences that tourists can access right here in Victoria and to have the Koorie Heritage Trust, with its collection of Victorian Aboriginal artefacts, artworks and tours in the heart of Melbourne, is amazing.”

In the year ending March 2018 Victoria welcomed three million international visitors who spent $26.8 billion in the state. 

Visit Victoria supports the implementation of the Tharamba Bugheen Victorian Aboriginal Business Strategy 2017–2021 and the economic advancement of Aboriginal Victorians.