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In the midst of the longest public holiday dry spell of the year, Victorians are being encouraged to Take a Not-So Public Holiday as part of a new tourism initiative launched by Visit Victoria today.

The Take a Not-So Public Holiday initiative – part of the Stay close, go further campaign – aims to drive extended stays in regional Victoria during the winter months by inspiring Victorians to add a day or more of annual leave onto their weekend away.

New data from Visit Victoria showed that 75 per cent of Melburnian travellers feel they need more than a weekend to feel refreshed and relaxed when visiting regional Victoria.

The data also showed that Melburnians currently hold high balances of annual leave, with 48 per cent stating that they had three weeks or more owing and 63 per cent saying they would consider using annual leave on a trip to regional Victoria in the next 12 months.

More than half of those surveyed were unaware of the long gap between official public holidays in Victoria during the cooler months – a whopping 103 days between Queen’s Birthday and the AFL Grand Final in September.

Minister for Tourism, Sport and Major Events Steve Dimopoulos said; “There is so much to see and do in regional Victoria this winter – whether you want to wind down by the fire or hit the slopes, now’s the time to hit the road for a mid-week getaway or weekend stay.”

“We know Victorians love supporting local businesses and taking a trip within our great state to enjoy our welcoming tourism experiences, cosy accommodation, and great events is the perfect way to do just that.”

Visit Victoria CEO Brendan McClements said a longer stay means more time to go off the beaten track and discover a new favourite destination.

“Given the long break between public holidays and the strong holding of annual leave, we’re really rallying Victorians to create their own long weekend, to make the most of the winter wonderland that is regional Victoria,” Mr McClements said.

“The potential benefits of taking a “Not-So” Public Holiday are huge – travellers may find that the roads are quieter, that it’s easier to get a booking at the local pub, and in some cases even enjoy great deals on accommodation during the week.”

Uncover stunning lakes, miles-long beaches and silt jetties in East Gippsland or take the road north and watch the majestic Murray River flow aboard a private houseboat. Jaw-dropping vistas upon mountain peaks and winding nature trails await in the Grampians. 

Experience the pristine rainforest and culinary credentials of the farther reaches of the Great Ocean Road or taste world-class wine on white-capped mountains in the High Country.  

More information on the Take a Not-So Public Holiday initiative can be found here.


Research methodology

The research used an online panel. One thousand and eleven respondents who were from Greater Melbourne, aged 18-64 and planning to travel in the next two years and/or are open to travelling to regional Victoria (80 per cent incidence) were surveyed. The data was weighted to census population demographics for Australia.

The initiative

The Take a Not-So Public Holiday initiative is an extension of Visit Victoria’s Stay close, go further campaign, which encourages Victorians to reconnect with the incredible experiences, businesses and people that make the state so unique.