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As the global Music Cities Convention gets set to rock and roll into Melbourne today and tomorrow, new Census data shows Melbourne’s latest count of live music venues is at 465, which is more per capita than any other major global city including New York, London, Tokyo or Los Angeles.

Melbourne will be the first city in the southern hemisphere to host The Music Cities Convention, bringing together music industry, government and academic leaders from across the world to discuss the many ways music can improve city life. It’s the first time the reputed conference will be staged in the Southern Hemisphere and it’s fitting that Melbourne, Australia’s live music capital, was chosen to host it.

The music industry generates in excess of $1.42 billion in the city; with 62,000 annual performances attracting more than 12 million patrons in Melbourne.

Melbourne is also the music festival capital, with an estimated 350 festivals that feature live music.

The Australian Music Vault, which charts the story of contemporary Australian music from the 1950s until today, has also rightly chosen Melbourne as its home. Almost 250,000 people have already attended this permanent exhibition at the Arts Centre, Melbourne since its opening in December last year, while the Vault’s limited-edition Melbourne Music Bus Tours sold-out almost immediately.

Visit Victoria Chief Executive Officer, Peter Bingeman, who is speaking at the Music Cities Convention today, reaffirmed his support for the music industry in Melbourne and hopes to see it continue to grow.

The music industry not only supports talented artists but is also the lifeblood of our cultural scene, venues and restaurants throughout the city and across the state.
Peter Bingeman, CEO Visit Victoria

“Music is the heartbeat of Melbourne. From folk, to techno, jazz and everything in between we’ve got it on offer in its best form and I’m proud that through Visit Victoria we can continue to back this thriving industry.”

“The music industry not only supports talented artists but is also the lifeblood of our cultural scene, venues and restaurants throughout the city and across the state.”

As part of the Music Cities Convention, Melbourne Museum will host Nocturnal tonight, as a celebration of Melbourne's incredible music culture, with performances from the fiery dynamo Ecca Vandal, supported by hip hop powerhouse Birdz and Joey Lightbulb (aka News Ltd. journalist Mikey Cahill) DJ-ing an ode to Melbourne.

Visit Victoria’s objective is to build Melbourne and Victoria into Australia’s number one tourism destination by delivering strong and sustainable growth across priority markets. Its purpose is to revitalise the visitor economy, by generating $36.5 billion in visitor spending by 2025 and support more than 320,700 jobs.

Highlights - Melbourne Live Census 2017

Melbourne has more live music venues per capita than any other city in the world. Reinforcing our position as Australia’s music capital.

  • Melbourne has one live music venue per 9,503 residents, making Melbourne the live music capital of the world.
  • 73,000+ annual gigs in 2017 compared to 62,000 in 2012 (19% increase) 
  • 553 Greater Melbourne live music venues 
  • 17.5 million annual patron visits (increase of 12%)
  • $1.42 billion spent in small venues and at concerts and festivals (16% increase on the 1.2 billion in 2012) 
  • 55% of venues reported an increase in 2017 audiences.
  • We host more than 3,000 live music performances per week.

Source: Music Victoria (results April 2018) 

Did you know?

Melbourne is Australia’s cultural capital, with one of the highest densities of commercial art galleries in the world complemented by a thriving theatre and music scene that welcomes globally renowned productions and performers.

  • 64% of all international visitors to Victoria are cultural tourists (as at end June 2017)
  • 1.8 million international cultural visitors to Victoria year ending June 2017 (increase of 100,000 culture visitors compared to last financial year 2015-2016)
  • International cultural visitors have stayed for 46.9 million nights (an increase of 7 million from last financial year)
  • 65% of international cultural visitors to Victoria came primarily from China, with UK and USA following. 
  • Average length of stay for international cultural visitors to Victoria was 26 nights (longer than non-culture visitors of 21 nights)

Source: Creative Victoria (results end of June 2017)