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Take a Not So Public Holiday

Take a Not-So Public Holiday is a tactical winter campaign developed to sit within the Stay close, go further platform to encourage immediate travel by Melburnians to take a long weekend in regional Victoria.

The campaign is highly targeted and contextually relevant to drive consideration and ultimately motivate extended overnight visitation.

The Take a Not-So Public Holiday initiative aims to drive extended stays in regional Victoria during the winter months by inspiring Victorians to add a day or more of annual leave onto their weekend away.

Research showed that 75 per cent of Melburnian travellers feel they need more than a weekend to feel refreshed and relaxed when visiting regional Victoria.

The data also showed that Melburnians currently hold high balances of annual leave, with 48 per cent stating that they had three weeks or more owing and 63 per cent saying they would consider using annual leave on a trip to regional Victoria in the next 12 months.

The campaign launched on 11 July 2022 and will run during a period which has the longest gap in Public Holidays across the entire year.