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Intrastate Marketing

Your Happy Space

New Regional Campaign - 'Your Happy Space'

Your Happy Space is Visit Victoria’s new emotive destination marketing campaign aimed at encouraging more intrastate visitors (specifically Melburnians) to find their happy space in regional Victoria.

The term Your Happy Space is multi-dimensional; speaking to the truth that a short-break to regional Victoria can not only provide ‘happiness’, but both literal and figurative ‘space’ to take time out from our everyday lives. It can also be personalised, meaning that every one of us can have our own unique idea of what a happy space can be.

The campaign includes new film pieces and a fully integrated digital, public relations and partnership program, including a dedicated website.

Your Happy Space is an evolution of Wander Victoria, leveraging the momentum gained, but with a refined focus to drive short-term visitation, by profiling 11 of Victoria's regions most compelling products and experiences,  in paid and organic mediums. 

Your Happy Space links a short-break in regional Victoria with notions of (predictably), happiness and space. Research tells us that many Melburnians visit regional Victoria for 'time out' from the confines of their everyday life and to reconnect with nature and physical space. But we know regional Victoria has so much more to offer than rolling hills, sweeping vistas and pristine beaches. It has all kinds of ‘spaces’ where you’ll find a variety of sights, sounds, tastes and experiences.

The new campaign has been developed based on extensive consumer research and in close collaboration with Regional Tourism Boards (RTBs).

Your Happy Space is part of a long-term strategy aimed at growing the visitor economy for Victoria to $36.5 billion by 2025. At Visit Victoria, our dedicated regional marketing team continues to invest in integrated marketing communications activity and partnership opportunities to drive visitor conversion, working closely with Regional Tourism Boards (RTBs).

Key Intrastate Campaign Objectives:

  1. Generate Awareness: continue to build desire for ‘getting out of town’ for Melburnians.
  2. Promote Consideration: build inspiration by improving knowledge of regional Victoria’s specific and compelling experiences.
  3. Drive Conversion: turn existing desire into action by focusing on the compelling, specific experiences and key travel drivers e.g. unique and quality accommodation, regional restaurants, festivals and events.

Industry Campaign Information

Campaign Imagery

Regional Campaign - 'Have a Wander'

Visit Victoria's regional  campaign, Wander Victoria, was introduced to activate intrastate travel to regional Victoria, to encourage 'Melburnians' to extend weekend stays.

Launched in February 2016, the emotive campaign aims to inspire 'Melburnians' to take the time to rediscover and reconnect with Victoria's regions by advocating the simple pleasures and benefits of wandering through the diverse natural settings and destination experiences.