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Interstate Marketing

There's never been a better time to Visit Melbourne

Our new interstate campaign, Visit Melbourne, is designed to support Victoria’s visitor economy by increasing visitation and expenditure to the state.

Tourism contributes significantly to Victoria’s economy. In 2018/2019, the sector directly and indirectly contributed 6.5 per cent of total gross state product and 7.8 per cent of employment for Victoria. In 2020, the impacts of the summer’s bushfires and coronavirus is expected to result in a $21.7 billion decline in visitor expenditure in Victoria. 

This fully integrated campaign welcomes all Australians back to our great state. Visit Melbourne showcases the best of our city, its surrounding neighbourhoods and regions.

The campaign will be rolled out across television, cinema, broadcast integration, digital display, search engine marketing, online video and social media channels, while also being supported by public relations, and trade and industry partnerships in the coming months. 

The campaign name is also the call to action, Visit Melbourne, and leads consumers to the Visit Melbourne website, which features extensive additional information on the experiences, events and locations available in Victoria. 

The music featured in the television advertisements invites travellers to "get set" for Melbourne where, if you'll always find something new. 

Visit Melbourne offers a renewed experience of the destination by focusing on the unique and ever-evolving feeling of the state throughout the year. The creative focuses on the depth and breadth of the experiences on offer - positioning Melbourne and Victoria as an energetic, confident, and optimistic place to visit. 

As the city constantly evolves and transforms, there's always something new to waiting to be discovered. Whether visiting to see one of the city's major events or simply escaping for a weekend away, around every corner, down every laneway and on every rooftop and basement space there's new restaurants, bars, public artwork, shopping boutiques and more.

Campaign imagery