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Keeping Victoria front of mind internationally

While international travel to Victoria is currently on hold, Visit Victoria’s overseas staff are continuing the important work of keeping Victoria front of mind for travellers. With Visit Victoria staff in eight international locations, we can monitor local sentiment, continue to educate international trade and media and be be ready to welcome international Visitors to Victoria when the time is right

Visit Victoria’s team in South and South East Asia continue to work with local key distribution partners to broaden their knowledge of our destination and develop new itineraries for future travellers. More than 1,500 Aussie Specialist agents in the region completed training on Victoria in April and Visit Victoria, in conjunction with Tourism Australia, ran a series of webinars with another 1,000 key distribution partners across South and South East Asia in May.

Our UK and Europe team has also focused heavily on travel trade training, supporting the growing appetite for such activity. Our Continental Europe office has been delivering webinar training for German, French and Italian travel trade and media and is working with FTI Group, a significant partner and Europe’s third largest tour operator, to keep Victoria at the forefront of travel consideration when the time is right.

In the UK we are running weekly training sessions as part of the Aussie Specialist Program, which has grown in popularity in the past six weeks with more than 70 participants at each webinar in the UK and across northern Europe Nordic and Benelux regions, and an increase in post-event views. 

Visit Victoria joined Destination NSW in a Facebook Live Australia Masterclass session, also featuring Tourism Australia. Hosted by UK Travel Trade Gazette, the online forum focused on promoting to travel agents the two leading gateways and the Sydney to Melbourne touring route. Seven hundred agents listened in live and a further 7,500 viewed the recorded video within 24 hours, showing a strong appetite for training and knowledge while travel restrictions remain in place. Across the UK and Europe media are also hungry for future travel stories and Visit Victoria UK secured feature content in a Daily Mail travel supplement that is sure to inspire travellers as they consider Australia as part of their future long-haul travel plans. 

VV Americas is working with the Victorian tourism sector to develop downloadable Product Profiles and pre-recorded 10-minute virtual training sessions. They will be distributed to an extensive list of Victorian Aussie Specialists, preferred retail advisors and key distribution partners in North America. With the absence of the Australian Tourism Exchange taking place this year, North American partners remain thirsty for training and development in short and accessible formats. 

The creation of the Product Profiles, as well as the suite of recorded training sessions, allows partners to educate themselves in their own time. It also provides VV Americas an opportunity to use the content to connect our Victorian industry with North American partners.   

The China team continues to train thousands of agents across key cities in mainland China and Hong Kong. Regular webinars are being staged and the training of Aussie Specialists continues in conjunction with Tourism Australia. When travel can recommence, this work will help ensure  Victoria stays front of mind. 

Several Victorian tourism operators featured in a video distributed recently by our Japan team. Sent to Japan and Korean trade organisations, it spreads good will and best wishes and promises a big welcome once it’s safe to visit.