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How to Apply for the
Regional Events Fund

The Regional Events Fund supports events that attract visitors from outside the region, create job opportunities and contribute to the local visitor economy. 

To be considered for support event organisers need to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) that details the economic, strategic, marketing and community impacts of their proposed event. Strategic consideration is given to a broad range of potential impacts including visitation, expenditure, seasonal hotel occupancy, potential to encourage local development and economic flow on to the local business community.

Event organisers should demonstrate alignment with our strategic priorities to:

  • Increase economic benefits by driving visitation from outside of the region and the state and extending length of stay and yield
  • Showcase Victoria's key regional tourism strengths and build Victoria's reputation as an events destination, and
  • Develop a strong and sustainable calendar of regional events.

If the EOI does not align with the key criteria set out in the Guidelines, applications will not progress. Applicants should note that Visit Victoria reserves the right to award an amount less than that applied for if the information supplied in the application does not justify the amount requested.

Application Steps

  1. Read the Guidelines to ensure your event meets the funding criteria 
  2. Expression of Interest (EOI) Submission
  3. Please discuss the event with your Regional Tourist Board and have a written letter of support.  Events that do not submit a letter of support from the recognised Regional Tourist Board will not proceed to application stage.
  4. Regional Event Fund Application Online (if criteria of the EOI is met)
  5. Confirmation (if applicant is successful)
  6. Regional event team support throughout development and execution of your event
  7. Reporting into Visit Victoria your event outcomes and joint de-brief post event.
Key Timings

Applicants are encouraged to submit their Expression of Interest (EOI) at the earliest taking into consideration the timelines. All applications are to be made via the online 'SmartyGrants' portal. Any applications received outside of the timeframes will be at the discretion of Visit Victoria to review on a case by case basis. 

EOI applications will only proceed to the official Regional Events Fund Application process if the initial event criteria has been met.

EOI Opens  EOI ClosesApplication

Round 1 - 17th July 2017

15 September 201729 September 2017November 2017
Round 2 - 2nd October 201715 December 201729 December 2017February 2018
Round 3 - 2nd January 201816 March 201730 March 2017May 2018
Round 4 - 2nd April 201815 June 201829 June 2018August 2018
Round 5 - 2nd July 201831 August 201814 September 2018October 2018
Round 6 - 1st October 201814 December 2018Extended to Monday 7 January 2019March 2019
Round 7 - 2nd January 201915 March 201929 March 2019May 2019
Round 8 - 1st April 201914 June 201928 June 2019August 2019
Round 9 - 1st July 201913 September 201927 September 2019November 2019
Round 10 - 16th September 201929 November 201913 December 2019February  2020
Round 11 - 2nd January 202014 February 202028 February 2020April 2020
Round 12 - 2nd March 202017 April 202030 April 2020June 2020

*Dates subject to change.

Funding Eligibility

Only events held in the Regional Tourism Board (RTB) networks are eligible to apply for funding through the Regional Events Fund. This does not include events held in the Melbourne Metropolitan Area.

  • Events held in Local Government Areas not represented by a Regional Tourism Board (RTB) are not eligible to apply for funding through the Regional Events Fund
  • Events held in areas on the border between Victoria and another state must prove, as part of their application that at least 85% of the event's activity is based in Victoria to be eligible for funding
  • All applicants must be the event owner and have demonstrated rights to the event, must be financially solvent and be a company or incorporated association with a registered Australian Business Number (ABN).
Regional Insights Map
A map outlining the Regional Tourism Board Areas (exclude Melbourne)
Regional Tourism Board Contact Details
Regional Tourism BoardPhone
Daylesford and Macedon+61 (03) 5309 2770
Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges+61 (03) 8739 8000
Mornington Peninsula+61 (03) 5950 1052
Phillip Island+ 61 (03) 5952 2729
Geelong and The Bellarine+61 (03) 5223 2588
Great Ocean Road+61  (03) 5562 1316
Goldfields Tourism Ballarat Bendigo+61 (03) 5337 4320 1800 813 153
Grampians+61 (03) 5356 4865
High Country - Tourism North East+61 (03) 5728 2773
Gippsland+61 (03) 5668 2141
The Murray+61 (03) 5480 7110

Consideration will be given to events who:

  • With a strong estimated economic impact to the State and region
  • Whose brand is aligned with State and regional tourism brands - where there is a strategic alignment with the relevant Regional Tourism Board's Event Plan, Strategic Plan and Regional Partnership Priorities
  • With demonstrated alignment with broader government priorities
  • With a financial structure in place beyond the funding provided by State Government including, local government, regional and local tourism organisations and sporting, cultural, industry and community organisations
  • Demonstrated financial sustainability and management capacity
  • Is aligned with regional calendar fit for the region proposed.

Funding must not be used for:

  • As prize money, gifts or purchase of equipment
  • For staff costs and salaries or general administration
  • For local Council fees or personal use
  • Travel expenses.