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Visit Victoria competes globally in tourism marketing and event procurement (major, business and regional events) to deliver the greatest number of visitors to the State of Victoria and to derive the highest value possible from their stay.

The company works across eight key areas, with each playing a shared role in informing, connecting, leading and exciting visitors, industry, people and government stakeholders.

What We Do
Business AreaStrategic PriorityFunctions
Consumer Markets  (International and Domestic) Builds awareness of Melbourne and Victoria’s brand attributes to become the undisputed destination for intrastate, interstate and international travellers. 

International marketing communications; Domestic marketing communications; Strategic partnerships; Aviation collaboration with Invest Victoria; Joint trade events with Tourism Australia.

Regional Tourism & StrategyConnects and collaborates with Regional Tourism Boards to elevate the promotion of regional Victoria to drive higher yield and length of stay.

Regional Tourism Board engagement; Funding model management; Development of new regional initiatives to support tourism growth.

Major EventsCreates and amplifies the best major and regional events calendar to ensure Victoria remains the undisputed events capital of the world. 

Major event acquisition; Regional event acquisition and funding; Event marketing and relationships; Hospitality and ticketing; Event management.

Business Events
(Melbourne Convention Bureau)
Secures and amplifies the world’s best business events calendar to position Victoria as a first-choice destination for business events. 

Business event acquisition; Membership management; Business events marketing and communications; Business events insights and strategic partnerships.

Digital Marketing Services & StrategyDevelops best practice digital marketing services that inspires, informs and converts travellers at all stages of the visitor journey.

Consumer data acquisition; Brand articulation and management; Advertising agency procurement; Video and design services; Consumer communication strategies; Product and familiarisations; Indigenous tourism; Australian Tourism Data Warehouse support.

Strategic CommunicationsInforms, connects and excites internal and external stakeholders by advising and facilitating strategic communications that empowers and builds confidence in Visit Victoria and the visitor economy.

Executive counsel; Industry communications and relations; Government relations and ministerial correspondence; Media relations and management; Issues management; Internal communications.

Human ResourcesOffers inspiring experiences in a performance driven workplace that enables professional growth, informed meaningful contribution and celebrates success.

Recruitment; Performance management; Career development and training; Employee relations; Internal culture champions; Workplace safety; Student career programs.

Corporate ServicesEnsures a compliant and sustainable organisation by identifying and implementing best practice financial, legal and IT services across the business.

Finance; Risk management; Information technology support; Procurement and legal.