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Freelance Digital Editors

Visit Victoria’s Content and Creative Services team provides a creative, flexible and supportive work environment. The work we ask freelancers to engage in is very diverse, from writing long form articles to curating EDMs and writing review copy for restaurants, bush walks or cideries. We work with domestic, regional and international teams, providing editorial support for all manner of events and campaigns that promote Melbourne and Victoria. 

Please be aware, this listing is not a job offer, but an offer to join an existing panel of freelancers working with the editorial team at Visit Victoria. We currently have two freelance resources on board and require up to six freelancers we can call on at any time. 

By joining our freelance panel, you will not be limited to working exclusively with Visit Victoria, nor will you be guaranteed a set amount of work with Visit Victoria. You will instead become one of our preferred, system-trained freelance options. 

Please fill out this document and send to [email protected] 

We encourage you to include as many of the required examples as possible. 

Once you have applied we will be in contact.