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Accessible tourism is one of the most under-serviced sectors in travel, yet the latest research shows it has the potential to drive significant business growth for operators that understand the market.

The estimated spend in Victoria by travellers with a disability was $680.1 million (approximately 4 per cent of total domestic spend in Victoria), of which 80 per cent was overnight spend.

The estimated spend for travel party (including the person with a disability) was $1.7 billion (approximately 10 per cent of total domestic spend in Victoria), of which 79 per cent was overnight spend.

The main objective of this full day workshop is to improve your understanding of travellers with a disability, to enable you to personalise the experience, meet their needs and grow your share of this market.

We will address any misconceptions you may have and demonstrate that being an accessible and inclusive tourism operator is a lot easier and more cost effective than you may think.

This workshop will:

  • Provide you with insights into different types of disabilities and the provision of services that they may require
  • Provide you with helpful product and service tools for this market
  • Assist you to effectively communicate your product offering to these visitors.


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