The primary focus of the Melbourne marketing strategy is to strengthen Melbourne's reputation as a compelling global destination of choice – whether visiting for business, study or leisure. Marketing activity focuses on profiling Melbourne as a creative, cultural and innovative destination, emphasising its many and varied neighbourhoods and reinforcing Melbourne's role as the gateway to regional Victoria.  Melbourne's unique calendar of sporting, cultural and business events are actively leveraged to highlight Melbourne's brand strengths, enhance its reputation, and stimulate visitation from key markets globally.

Visit Victoria recently launched A Twist at Every Turn, Melbourne's first major interstate tourism campaign in six years. The campaign features local artists, musicians, and iconic institutions including the MCG, Hotel Windsor, Heartbreaker and Hosier Lane. It focuses on what Melbourne does better than anyone – sport, arts, fashion, food and wine, shopping, live music and theatre – with major events playing an important role in driving bookings.

A Twist at Every Turn is a cinematic foray through Melbourne's many moods, as the characters twist and turn through unexpected moments, uncovering hidden gems while looking for their destination. 

Previously, Visit Victoria implemented the Play Melbourne Live campaign, the fourth and final iteration of the Play Melbourne destination marketing campaign for Melbourne, which was launched nationally in 2011. Featuring one of the latest live-streaming technology platforms, Periscope, this campaign invited target audiences globally to 'Play Melbourne live' and experience the real Melbourne in an unfiltered and authentic manner, showcasing a range of events and uniquely Melbourne experiences via a series of live video broadcasts called 'games'. 

The 'games' used a custom-made ball embedded with a smartphone designed to be passed around by Melburnians while streaming live footage of the city. This initiative built on the success of the innovative way in which target audiences were engaged through the delivery of the Melbourne Remote Control Tourist digital activation in 2013.

Who we speak to

To maximise tourism opportunities for the state, there is a need to communicate to people who have the means and propensity to travel and who, attitudinally, provide a match with Melbourne and Victoria’s tourism offering and wider strategic objectives. Research has helped identify the target market for Melbourne communications as ‘Creative Opinion Leaders’. They are the people who set the trends, rather than follow them. They like to be amongst the first to discover new places and experiences to satisfy their desire to explore. The older segment enjoys exploring new places not only in the city, but beyond, to further satisfy their thirst for new experiences.